Ahsoka vs. Vader

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Versus Series #2

Ahsoka vs. Vader

The ruins of the Jedi temple on Lothal are said to whisper with stories of the fateful conflict that happened within its walls. The voices, echos of force users on both sides, are in eternal conflict. Here they disagree forever, locked in eternal battle as a way to remember this historic duel where an apprentice and her fallen master clashed— the force has given us those voices represented in the beauty of this crystal, so unstable it grants the force user two powerful channels of the force.

Limited Edition 200

Colors: White, Red

Voices: Ahsoka, Vader


Please Read:

These are compatible with Savi's workshop lightsabers and Holocrons.

These crystals are not official Disney product.

Do not try to rewrite your crystal with an RFID reader/writer, you may brick your crystal to one color.