Solo in Carbonite Crystal

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Solo In Carbonite

Long ago, Han Solo, a pilot, smuggler, and rebel ally, was captured and lowered into a carbonite holding cell. Just before being frozen, he was kissed by a powerful force user, known for her unintentional use of the force. This brief moment transferred some of her power to him, saving his life and leaving a whisper of the force in the melted carbonite after he was removed. Years later, the residual power would form into one of the most unique Kyber crystals ever found— shaped to echo this important moment in the history of the galaxy. This crystal shines with the bright blue and yellow colors of two of Han’s greatest friends— however, some unnatural weaving of the force has allowed an even smaller amount of crystals to be twisted to the dark side, showing itself with the red of Han’s greatest foe.

The limited-edition & Chase versions come with a special box.

Limited Edition 124

Colors: Blue, Yellow

Voices: Luke, Maz

Chase Limited to 12 (The Chase version will be the same size and shape but vary in voices used and will look different as far as color)

Colors: Red, Yellow

Voices: Vader 8 Ball, Maz

(Total 136 sold in this format, but will return as a non-limited crystal with NO CHASE element.)