The Forgotten Crystal

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The teachers of the force that existed before the Jedi and Sith struck their own kind of balance, with forgotten colors and powers that would later grow into the colors we know today. Before the red, black, and purple the side of the force known to these users was ORANGE; crackling with power and the potential to corrupt. And on the other side, TEAL, a color that represented the lessons of the force, the need to create balance and healing abilities. This side would later grow into green, blue, and yellow crystals.

Yet only ONE crystal possessed both, the forgotten crystal, so powerful it requires its own blade to fully embrace the power of either side, to unlock the ORANGE and TEAL blades that are the envy of users on either side.


COLORS: ORANGE and TEAL only when used with The blade from Jaymoo's Playground. (Not Included in this listing) (Without this blade the colors show Yellow and Blue.)

Limited to only 200

To get the glow effect you must use a UV light!

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