The Child

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The Force has willed a powerful crystal to be created to coincide with the return of one of the most mysterious, and most valuable force users the galaxy has ever seen.
The strength of this force user is said to be so strong it has changed the shape of the crystal itself.
There is a Display Pod available but is a separate product. If ordered they will be shipped together.
222 Available!
Regular Crystal: Limited to 200, Voices are Yoda and Yoda 8 Ball.
Chase: Limited to 20, Voices are Yoda and Ahsoka. Blade Colors Green/White.
Super Chase: Limited to 2, Voices are 8 Ball Yoda and Snoke. Blade Colors Green/Red.
(You can opt-out of the chase by mentioning it in your order notes, if the chase is won it will replace the normal Child crystal, Chase winners will be randomly selected.)
Shipping: AS of this moment we are going to estimate a 60 day wait on this crystal. Starting in January our ship times on all orders will be dropped to 2 weeks or less, we know you all want those crystals sooner :)
All "The Child" purchases made will be entered in for a drawing to win The Child Animatronic toy. As seen in the pictures.
**All contests are subject to the winner's local laws and restrictions. Open only two customers 18 years of age and where local laws do not prohibit winning of items of value. Item will be shipped free of charge to the United States of America or internationally at winners cost. For a free entry send a self-addressed stamp envelope to 39 north hidden valley road, Rexburg Idaho, 83440, all entries must be received by December 1st, 2020.**