Episode 3: The Failed Experiment


Vaneé approached the meditation chamber quickly, having good news to give his master.

“Lord, the experiment has succeeded.”

The chamber hissed as it opened and the large figure rose, its dark and foreboding armor glistening in the light. The helmet slowly lowered onto the man sitting in the chamber. After a moment, the figure rose and walked towards his servant.

“Good, show them to me.” He said between mechanical breaths.

Vaneé lifted a large white container, and lowered a lever revealing the inside, with a glowing green pulse of light emanating from within.

The dark gloved hand reached inside and picked up one of the crystals, and pulled it out to examine it. Silently he turned it back and forth, seeing how the crystal had taken the shape of the man who inspired the crystal. One could make out the familiar armor, the legendary helmet and even the notable dent on it, as fresh as the hologram message he had designed it from.

The silence was too much for Vaneé to bear.

“Lord, the crystals took the shape as was predicted – the combination of the hologram and his material has created the—”

“I know the details of the experiment. Now, let’s test them.”

Soon the assistant had brought the master a lightsaber not the one he would use in battle, but one that had been repaired several times. The crystal chamber was wide open, not stabilized in the way a saber in battle would need to be. This was only used to test the experimental crystal cores.

Vaneé inserted the crystal and handed it to his master’s gloved hands. The blade shot out almost instantly: a bright proud red color.

“Gooooood” the voice holding the blade returned; deep mechanical breathing was the only other reply. Vaneé then took the saber back, and with careful, nervous fingers removed the crystal and switched it upside down.

Now back in the gloved hands of his master the blade sprung forth again this time a bright green color. Vaneé instinctively took a step backwards — He had not expected the crystal to light the blade green, a symbol of Jedi power. His master made no reply this time. Vaneé stepped even further back, sensing his anger rising.

“Master?” Vaneé asked when he could stand it no longer.

The deep, angry voice responded, “This was made from the blood and memory of one of the fiercest bounty hunters in the galaxy – yet the force deems there to be good in him?”

Lord Vader let go of the hilt, and the blade was extinguished. The lightsaber fell with a loud clang on the hard metal floor. The gloved hand slowly formed a fist, and the saber spun faster and faster. The table below the hand started to crumple; slowly at first, and then all at once – leaving behind a misshapen mass of metal and sparking wires where lights had once been.

Vaneé took another step back.

The saber started to glow white with heat. Vaneé could feel it, even in this already arid castle, burning into his face. He didn’t dare turn away; staring at the saber, spinning, and hearing the surrounding walls cracking as the anger of his master was growing. He was sure now that the walls would come crashing in at any moment, probably ending his life in this chamber – yet he still stared at the saber.

The saber finally cracked in half with an explosion that forced Vaneé to react; hiding his eyes and lifting his arm from any shrapnel. He felt guilty doing it, but when his eyesight returned moments later, his master had fled the room. Vaneé carefully collected the crystal, returned it to the container with the others and soon dumped them all into the garbage chute to fall into the lava below.

It was a dozen years later, after the castle had been abandoned, claimed, and abandoned once more, when Airenn and her droid were able to locate the deposit of crystals long since encased in the lava rock.

The Daimyo crystal was the experiment of Lord Vader and his assistant Vaneé while meditating on Mustafar. The Sith lord believed the new crystal would carry the ruthlessness that Boba Fett showed by combining his genetic material with a captured hologram. One side of the crystal shines red with the pride of Vader; but he didn’t count on the other shining green; a prediction of the future life this bounty hunter would hold as the protector and Daimyo of Mos Espa.

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