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How do they Work?

Our unique Kyber crystals are specially programmed with two RFID chips, allowing for dual color and voice customization. This makes it faster and easier to change colors, providing you with a more beautiful and personalized kyber crystal.

  • Quality Handmade

    We are known by our customers to put incredible detail into our kybers. Oftentimes it takes months to perfect the look of the crystal. That attention to detail reflects in a gorgeous, polished product.

  • Community

    We owe everything to our wonderful fans, customers and friends. Because of you we get to spend every day living and creating in the Star Wars universe!

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  • Innovative

    Crafted Cores is the Inventor of the Double-Sided Kyber crystal. This allows so much more flexibilty to the user, allowing them to carry fewer crystals and have more available colors for their blade, and more voices for their holocrons.

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