Hey Everyone! 

Welcome to our site and thank you for your support! We have had so much fun making these beautiful Kyber Crystals.

We thought that this blog would be a great place to keep you updated on the process of when you might expect to receive your crystals, as well as to answer some of the most frequently asked questions.


Let us start off with some frequently asked questions:

1: Where can I get a Skywalker, Dark Side, Or Ben crystal?

All of these crystals were limited edition runs, meaning that we will not be making them again. We do that to keep your crystals valuable and very prized. (One of our crystals just sold for $460 on eBay) 


2: How long will it take for me to get my crystals?

It depends, It may take 2 weeks or longer to get your crystal if we have a large number of orders. It's just my wife and I making them at the moment. We are currently working on speeding up that process.


3: How do the crystals work? Are they Savi's Compatible?

All our Crystals are compatible and work with Savis Lightsabers found at Galaxies Edge. 

Our dual-sided crystals allow you to carry two lightsaber colors in one crystal. The orientation of the crystal determines the color of the lightsaber blade.

Our crystals are also fully compatible with your Jedi and Sith holocrons bought from galaxies edge.


4: When will the other Savi's themed crystals come out?

As you have all probably noticed we have released a little teaser on our site for all the remaining crystals in our lightsaber themed line. We do not have an exact date yet as to when those will be released but as always we will try to keep you informed.


I will try to keep you all updated through this whole process and again thank you for being a part of the Crafted Core family! May the force be with you!




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