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Collectors Edition: Ben Hologhost Crystal

Collectors Edition: Ben Hologhost Crystal

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Collectors Edition: Ben Hologhost

Hologhost collectors edition Includes a box with a set of 2 Kyber crystals.

Crystal #1 is a fully functional dual-sided crystal and glows a light blue when exposed to bright light then left in the dark.

Crystal #2 is a clear blue crystal that can be left in your display box. Because it does not have programmed chips inside it, the blue shines more brilliantly and impressively in the display box.

The display box has a bright white LED that illuminates whichever Obi-Wan crystal you insert, and is rechargeable by Micro USB. The Crystal's story is laser-engraved on the back of the box just in case you lose your collectible card.


We are only releasing 100 at the time being. More stock will be released later down the road to lessen wait times. After 400 are made we will not be making the boxes or display crystals anymore.


40 out of the 400 crystals will have a red glowing core and a slightly different box. These are given out randomly, If you would like to opt-out of a chase crystal please mention that in your order comments.


1x Obi-Wan light up Collectible Box

1x Clear Blue Obi-Wan display Crystal

1x Dual-sided glow in the Dark Obi-Wan Crystal

1x Limited Edition Card w/ Story and artwork.

Colors: Blue and Green

Voices: Obi-Wan, and Qui-Gon

“ And in time, A new hope will emerge.”
The final message master Obi-Wan Kenobi left after the fall of the Jedi Order was one of desperation, it was left as an attempt to stave off any remaining Jedi from returning to the temple and certain doom.
This powerful message, viewed by dozens of force users, left a haunting echo in the galaxy - that echo formed into one of the most unique crystals ever found.
A Hologhost Crystal.
These kybers will normally shine the green or blue colors of Obi-Wan and his former teacher Qui-gon, But the truly rare will glow the menacing color of red - Obi-Wans final foe - Darth Vader.



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