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Elemental Nature Crystal

Elemental Nature Crystal

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Elemental Nature Crystal:

Representing the natural themes of balance and harmony. The crystals are found in a mountain range on a forgotten planet in the distant realms, a planet that has remained peaceful and has seen none of the war that has raged the galaxy. This allows for a true connection to the force, with one side representing the pure white balance of the force, and the other the green elemental nature of the force’s greatest teachers.

Inside the proper Holocron, one of these teachers shall give you answers to your questions.

(COLORS: white and green blades, VOICE: Chirrutt and 8 ball Yoda)


Please Read:

These are compatible with Savi's workshop lightsabers and Holocrons.

These crystals are not official Disney product.

Do not try to rewrite your crystal with an RFID reader/writer, you may brick your crystal to one color.

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