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Kanan Vs Temple Guard

Kanan Vs Temple Guard

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You'll never be strong enough to protect your pupil," taunted the Temple Guard as the determined Jedi, Kanan, fought to defend his apprentice. The Jedi, growing upset, reached behind him and pulled a second lightsaber to battle with – a red one. It clashed with the guard's yellow blades, symbolizing his own internal battle with the fear that had been growing in his heart, ever so slightly pulling him to the dark side. But then he realized his mistake and it was only through his willingness to sacrifice himself that he was finally knighted as a Jedi Knight.
Kanan's internal battle is symbolized in our newest Versus crystal. It serves as a reminder that true strength lies in the ability to overcome our fears and trust in the force to guide us, as he did.

Limited Edition: 200 

4th Crystal in the Versus Series

Colors: Red / Yellow

Voices: Sidious  / Temple Guard


This is not official Disney Product, nor do we claim to be. 

Please do not try to rewrite the crystals RFID codes, doing so may result in the product not working correctly.

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