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Crafted Cores

Living Waters Crystal

Living Waters Crystal

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The Living Waters Kyber

Deep under the remains of the once-great city of Sundari, the living waters of Mandalore contain a mysterious geode. The charcoal-colored rock seems to have ripples of shining blue, yellow and red light woven into it. 

This beautiful rock is difficult to mine from such depth, and has long been considered lucky for those able to obtain it. Some claim that its attunement with the force is what saved the mine during the purge. 

When placed in a saber, the blade will shine vibrant green, representing the vibrant life found in the depths of the planet Mandalore. When placed the opposite way, the crystal will light the blade yellow, representing honor and increased strength in protecting one’s own.


Colors: Green and Yellow

Voices: Qui-Gon Jin and Maz Kanata

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