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Maul's Defeat

Maul's Defeat

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Maul's Defeat

Hand-poured and hand-painted Kyber Crystals. Fully functional with your Savi's lightsabers as well as your Jedi and Sith Holocrons.

Each crystal will come with a story card that includes our themed artwork on the back.

Colors: Red, and Blue

Voices: Maul, and Obi-Wan


“Look what has become of you”,

he said, snarling without fear. Master Kenobi stood his ground yet the future was unclear.

His hair had turned grey, and the lines had grown deeper near his blue eyes. One might guess he had grown weaker, yet others would know he is wise.

So he placed his feet one way at first, Then changed them to taunt his rival. Remembering now his fallen master, and the reason for his own survival.

Maul struck first, a fiery flash, blocked twice by the blue blade. When final parry sliced straight through, He knew his anger had betrayed.

Kenobi lived to tell the tale, But had no one with whom to share. Yet the desert held the power left, of hatred that finally fell.

Eons passed, the planet cooled, the twin suns reduced to one. And still, more time would leave the whole globe icy and frozen.

The power left inside that ice had formed itself into a gem. A kyber crystal whose body held, The power and the mayhem.

One side Red, and one side blue. Both sides calling to be used. Find the side that you hear most, and it shall find you too.


Note: These crystals are not official Disney products. 

Do not try to rewrite your crystal with an RFID reader/writer, you may brick your crystal to one color.


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