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Protection And Defense Crystal

Protection And Defense Crystal

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Protection And Defense Crystal:

This crystal is one for those that placed defensive strategies and the teachings of the force above all others, knowing that the true master understands the nature, and history, of all living things. Found in a protected temple, these are imbued with the ancient energies of the galaxy, these crystals represent the history, and the future, of the force. One side shines purple for a master who struck true balance but was lost to the will of the force, and the other shines yellow, for the golden future of the force. (COLORS: Purple and yellow, VOICE: Mace Windu And Temple Guard)

(Would like to give a special shoutout to Dominic Morin for his help with this crystal) 

Please Read:

These crystals are not official Disney product.

Do not try to rewrite your crystal with an RFID reader/writer, you may brick your crystal to one color.

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