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Rupee Box Set

Rupee Box Set

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In a distant galaxy, Link finds himself as a Jedi, wielding a lightsaber forged from the Master Sword. As he collects Rupees, the lightsaber undergoes remarkable transformations: Blue, White, Red, Yellow, Green and Purple Rupees hold the power to change the lightsaber's properties and colors, guided and enhanced by these mystical gems, Link embarks on a quest to bring balance to Hyrule. 

Limited Edition Sets: 100 (note the change- no longer limited to 50.)

A Rupee Box Set includes:

1 laser-engraved box

1 Standard Hyrulian Pot, with magnets so it can break apart and go back together.

6 rupee crystals:  blue, red, yellow, white, green and purple

Individual rupees and pots will be available later on without the box.


Blue Rupee: Old Ben / Old Luke

Red Rupee: Vader / Sidious

Yellow Rupee: Temple Guard / Maz Kanata

White Rupee: Ahsoka / Chirrut

Green Rupee: Yoda / Qui-Gon

Purple Rupee: Mace / Mace 2



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