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Ahsoka Crystal

Ahsoka Crystal

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Brimming with the rebellious energy of Ahsoka Tano, this striking Kyber Crystal will aid its user in any challenge. This crystal is among the most difficult Kybers to produce. It is produced from marble found only on Ahsoka's home planet of Shili, which is first cured in bacta for thirty days, and then intricately carved to form the image of the famous Togruta.
When placed in a lightsaber, the blade will shine white and teal. When placed in a holocron, the user will connect to the guiding voice of Ahsoka Tano.
This is the open edition version and will not have the random chase crystals shipping. If you would like the painted chase we will have a limited set coming later.

Colors: White / Teal

Voices: Ahsoka

This particular crystal has two colors when used in the Savis lightsabers but is only programmed with the voice for Ahsoka when used in a Holocron.


This is not official Disney Product, nor do we claim to be. 

Please do not try to rewrite the crystals RFID codes, doing so may result in the product not working correctly.

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