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Crafted Cores

The Vader Crystal

The Vader Crystal

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Rarely produced, and only to keep its power out of the wrong hands, this crystal is rumored to be the creation of sith cultists practicing their cloning techniques. The Vader crystal’s availability is as scarce as it is dominating. This crystal is so powerful, those that touch it with their bare hands have been known to be poisoned by the dark side it posesses. Beware the Vader.

Limited Drop

This will be the first drop and will be limited to 50 crystals. Once they are gone you'll have to wait for another drop. 

Colors: Red / White

Voices: Vader / Ahsoka

This is a preorder! Products are expected to be shipped by December 5th just in time for Christmas!


This is not official Disney Product, nor do we claim to be. 

Please do not try to rewrite the crystals RFID codes, doing so may result in the product not working correctly.


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