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Ahsoka Hologhost - World Between Worlds -

Ahsoka Hologhost - World Between Worlds -

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"This Kyber Crystal has a unique origin, having journeyed from the enigmatic World Between Worlds, a distant galaxy, or the farthest reaches of space. This crystal is unlike any other, and its true potential can only be unlocked when it basks in the light it yearns for. Once bathed in light it emits a radiant white aura imbued with the power of the one known as Snips, Ashla, or simply 'the apprentice.' This crystal empowers its wielder, allowing them to harness its brilliant energy and direct it as they see fit."

Voices in Holocron: Ahsoka / Vader
Colors In Lightsaber: White/ Red
This Crystal is glow in the dark and will emit a strong white light when exposed to either the sun or a UV light. 

Please Read:

These are compatible with Savi's workshop lightsabers, Holocrons and even the Wayfinders.

These crystals are not official Disney product.

Do not try to rewrite your crystal with an RFID reader/writer, you may brick your crystal to one color.

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