My Top Three Favorite Kyber Crystals

My Top Three Favorite Kyber Crystals

Crafted Cores currently offers eighteen different individual Kyber Crystals. Each is unique and (if I do say so) beautiful in its own way. Which are my current favorites? If I had to narrow it down to my top three they would be as follows.

#3 Elemental Nature Crystal

 This crystal is a beautiful forest green and a shimmery white. This dual sided crystal includes the voices of Yoda and Chirrutt. I love this crystal because it is one of our oldest on the site. My blade color of choice would most likely be green, because it just doesn’t get cooler than Yoda. This crystal is a good reminder that simplicity is beautiful. 

#2 The Ahsoka Crystal

The Ahsoka crystal uses an interesting technique while pouring the resin that results in this really unique marbling effect. It took some trial and error, but I’ve gotten to a point now where the Ahsoka Crystals have the appearance of marble statues: white with swirls of gray. Plus, this crystal deserves some extra hype lately because I have been a HUGE fan of the Ahsoka series lately. I hope you have been too because it’s amazing!

#1 The Living Waters Crystal

My top spot right now goes to the Living Waters Crystal. The Living Waters Crystal is one of the most intricate and difficult I have ever made. Some of the crystals with faces are very intricate too, but this one is different because all the details are created by hand instead of being 3D printed. This crystal was a CHALLENGE to figure out how to make and get it to turn out so sleek. I really love how the crystal is smooth and shiny on the outside, but you can see the bubbly texture and vibrant colors underneath. 

This is the description—“Deep under the remains of the once-great city of Sundari, the living waters of Mandalore contain a mysterious geode. The charcoal-colored rock seems to have ripples of shining blue, yellow and red light woven into it. This beautiful rock is difficult to mine from such depth, and has long been considered lucky for those able to obtain it. Some claim that its attunement with the force is what saved the mine during the purge.”

So there you have it: The Elemental Nature, the Ahsoka Crystal, and the Living Waters Crystal. Of course I have some other favorites that were limited and are now gone, as well as some ideas in mind for the future that may become new favorites! 

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